Follow the Women

I produced, directed and shot this short promotional film in 2004 for the charity, ‘Follow the Women’ about a bicycle ride for 270 women from 26 countries through Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The aim was to provide a platform for women to share their thoughts, beliefs and experiences, raise money for a children’s centre in Ramallah and to form an international movement for peace.

This is my Destiny

I produced and directed this documentary in Afghanistan in 2008/9. An epidemic of drug addiction has seeped into many nooks of society in one of the most troubled countries in the world. Through the personal stories of male and female opium and heroin users this film introduces their daily struggle within Afghan society today. I made this film for the UK FCO with Equal Access. The purpose was to raise awareness of the problem to both Western and Afghan audiences.

It was shown at screenings and festivals in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and also to members of the US counter-narcotics team in Washington prior to postings in Afghanistan. It won the Best Documentary Feature at The Film Directing 4 Women International Film Festival in 2010

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The Leaders of Change

I produced, directed and shot this short documentary showing the impact of a local radio chat show and drama initiative in Niger through testimonies of local leaders and community members. I made the film for the media component of the ‘Peace Through Development (PDEV)’ programme funded by USAID.

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Darat al Funun, Amman, Jordan

Darat al Funun, Khalid Shoman Foundation, is a jewel in the Arab world. Overlooking the old city of Amman, Jordan, and built around the site of a Byzantine church, the research centre and hub for contemporary Arab art offers insight into the ancient civilisations that settled in the city, and the more recent political events that shaped the region.

In the 25th anniversary year, its founder, Suha Shoman tells its story, and contemporary Arab artists explain what this inimitable institution has offered to them as artists, and to the regional art scene as a whole.

The Khalid Shoman Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organisation, and by providing Arab artists with the means to document and comment on recent history and current events, it offers the visitor a unique view into one of the most complex and unstable regions of the world.

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St. John’s Eye Hospital, Gaza

St. John of Jerusalem Eye Group is the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Here the former mayor of Gaza City and ophthalmologist Dr Majed Abu Ramadan, shows us the impact of 3 wars in 5 years in Gaza, and how his clinic and hospital serve Gazans with vital eye care.

Lujain’s Story

Lujain is 2 years old and has congenital cataracts in both of her eyes. Her devoted father explains how her treatment at St. John’s Eye Hospital has changed the path of her life for the better.


A Second Chance

Hazem Jamil is a shoe maker from Hebron in the West Bank with 5 children. He explains how his subsidised treatment at St John Eye Hospital has changed his life.

Fertility Journey: Geffen Rimon

A fundraising video for Hadassah hospital, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem. The film focuses on  stress reduction therapy offered to enhance women’s chances of fertility.


Ghaida: The Power of the Positive

Ghaida is the first beneficiary of the Shawna Christianson Clarke Scholarship Fund for Palestinian women.


The following 12 one and two minute films were commissioned by UNICEF to mark 5 years of the war in Syria

Two Steps with my Best Foot

Mohammad Jamous had his leg amputated after he was hit by a shell in his village in Syria. He’s now in Jordan making courageous strides with a football team and the psychological challenges of disability.